The Idol of Expository Preaching

When I was at seminary one of my preaching professors became quite zealous while lecturing our class one day. Waving his Bible in the air he yelled out, “Expository preaching is the only true preaching that shows a preacher loves God and reveres His holy word! None of that topical, mamby pamby, self-help, feel good nonsense! Topical preaching is for preacherettes who share sermonettes to make Christianettes!” He was met with dozens of “amens” by my classmates but I was unsettled.

It would not be the last time I’ve heard “the lecture” about expository preaching being the only real preaching. This mantra continues to be repeated over and over among evangelicals. It’s almost humorous to hear the inflection of their voice change when they even mention topical preaching. It’s almost as though they want to spit after saying it. “Topical?”…puttah!

Young preachers, eager to be greatly used by God, catch the message. If you want God to use you, you better preach the right way!

The problem I ran into was that as I read the Bible, the sermons I found recorded in scripture were mostly topical. To be clear, topical preaching must still be rooted deeply in scripture but doesn’t necessarily focus on just one passage. Whereas expository preaching is verse by verse, topical preaching is verse with verse.

Examples of topical preaching would be Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost, Philip in Samaria, Paul’s sermon in Antioch of Pisidia and Athens, and of course, the most famous sermon of all time preached by the greatest preacher ever – the sermon on the mount by Jesus.

The interesting twist to the story is that I was also taught in seminary that preaching is “divine truth shared through human personality.” If that’s true, then one would expect an incredible diversity in preaching styles and methods.

When God called me to preach in 1985, He was crystal clear about the message but not so clear about the method. Over the last 34 years I have heard A LOT of preachers – some bad, some good and some great. What I have noticed is that there are as many ways to preach a great message as there are great preachers.

I’ve found that the penchant for expository preaching, though noble in intent, can easily slip into the category of preaching snobbery. Just mention in a preacher’s gathering that you primarily preach topically and watch the eyes roll and the smirks fly. There’s a misguided arrogance that believes that expository preaching is the only deep preaching for mature Christians.

The truth is that there is no one right and holy way to preach/teach God’s word. Expository preaching is not THE biblical method, it’s A method. Whether expository or topical there are certain objectives all preaching must do:

  • All preaching should be sharing God’s truth from God’s word.

  • All preaching should help people better understand God’s character and purposes.

  • All preaching should be crystal clear on what one must do in response to what they have just heard.

  • I might add that it also should not induce narcolepsy

Whether you do this with one text, 5 texts, or 50 texts is irrelevant. Personally, I think the best method depends on the objective. I use both expository and topical.

I decided years ago that I was less interested in being part of the Preacher’s Cool Club and more interested in seeing hearts healed, families restored, addicts set free, and lives changed. Frankly, I don’t personally care what method of preaching one uses so long as it is biblical and gets the job done. But I do tire of the endless exaltation of expository preaching as the one.true.method.