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The Single Greatest Christian Growth Catalyst

I’ve been to a few dozen conferences over the last 20 years and I’ve always walked away with at least one or two takeaways that have helped our church to become healthier or more effective. However, nothing has changed our church more than the principles I first heard about nearly twenty years ago at a Preaching for Life Change conference. Those simple principles have supercharged our discipleship process and has been responsible for literally thousands of lives changed (BTW – we are NOT a megachurch).

As we have taught these principles to other pastors, we’ve boiled them down to the acronym C.H.A.N.G.E.

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The Idol of Expository Preaching

When I was at seminary one of my preaching professors became quite zealous while lecturing our class one day. Waving his Bible in the air he yelled out, “Expository preaching is the only true preaching that shows a preacher loves God and reveres His holy word! None of that topical, mamby pamby, self-help, feel good nonsense! Topical preaching is for preacherettes who share sermonettes to make Christianettes!” He was met with dozens of “amens” by my classmates but I was unsettled.

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